Get dealflow pushed right into your tools

Our API can be easily integrated with a lot of tools. This way, you can keep your existing workflow. We discover a relevant startup, you get it straight into your CRM.

Use Cases

This is a selection of use cases you can implement with our API.

Monitor accelerators and incubators

An accelerator listed a new startup on their website? Get a heads-up straight to your inbox.

Automatically approach startups

Want to save the hassle of approach teams individually? Just generate leads and get a first call.

Find startups' competitors faster

When checking a lead, see similar startups the the same ecosystem or globally to make sure to not miss any competitor.

See what others are investing in

Stay up to date on what topics or startups your fellow investors are investing in.

Push Dealflow to your CRM automatically

Integrate your Magic Sauce with StartupRadar and push new startups directly into your CRM system.

Discover relevant ecosystem players

Keeping an ecosystem overview is very time consuming. Get new ecosystem players straight to your inbox or CRM.

Detect relaunches and pivots

Better re-evaluate deals after they pivot. Get notified for every lead or every portfolio company that pivots.

Get notified of press coverage

Your deal is getting press? You should know! Get a notification for every lead that gets mentioned in the press.

Integrates with the tools investors love

With our flexible API, we can integrate with almost every solution on the market.

logo of Affinity


Create and enrich deals automatically.
logo of Salesforce


Create and enrich leads automatically.
logo of Hubspot


Create and enrich deals/companies automatically.
logo of Pipedrive


Create and enrich leads/deals automatically.
logo of Attio


Push leads from StartupRadar directly into your funnel.
logo of Dealroom

DealroomData Provider

Link dealroom companies with StartupRadar entries.
logo of Crunchbase

CrunchbaseData Provider

Link Crunchbase companies with StartupRadar entries.
logo of Pitchbook

PitchbookData Provider

Link Pitchbook companies with StartupRadar entries.
logo of Airtable


Push rows to databases automatically.
logo of Zapier


Whatever you imagine, with Zapier, it can be built. Ranging from email to Google Sheets.
logo of Bubble

BubbleNo Code

Integrate our API into your no-code solution from bubble.
logo of Slack


Push new startups directly into one Slack channel.
logo of Trello

TrelloProject Management

Create cards on boards automatically.
logo of Asana

AsanaProject Management

Create a new tasks for each new startups.
logo of Calendly


Send invites to founders via email.
logo of


Send invites to founders via email.
logo of Webhooks


Push new startups directly into your systems.
and many more...