Europe's startup ecosystem in one API

An API to find startups earlier than everyone else

Discover new startups by tracking the European startup ecosystem with one API. We track what's happening for you. You fetch the data you need.

  • Monitoring of 850+ websites and startup platforms
  • Documented and unlimited REST API

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Data is Venture Capital's ultimate competitive advantage

Investors that systematically leverage data are outperforming all others.

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“Data-driven sourcing and intelligent screening will allow VCs to identify the most promising entrepreneurs more efficiently and more effectively, at the right point in time, and wherever they are. Geography and “warm intros” will eventually become irrelevant.” - source

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“Beacon tracks the performance of more than 6 million companies in real-time by drawing upon 10milion data sources, such as academic publications, patent registries, open-source contributions, regulatory filings, company webpages, sales data, appstore rankings, social networks, and even raw credit card data.” - source

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EQT Motherbrain

“Firms that can systematically capture and leverage data, not only external and performance data, but also human predictions, judgements and decisions, will be well positioned to achieve a future competitive advantage. We started this years ago, and we’re not slowing down.” - source

Get data-driven dealflow with our API

We track everything for you, you only need to fetch it.

1. We monitor the European startup ecosystem for you

To find the hottest new startups, we track every source where a startup could appear across the European startup ecosystem.

2. We provide a simple and easy-to-use REST API

Our data can be accessed with a simple API. It always contains the latest data. Check out the documentation to see all functionality.

3. You supercharge your workflow with our data

Because of the versatile REST API, you can integrate StartupRadar however you like. The most common cases being to create new CRM leads based on our API or to enrich existing CRM data with our API.

What we track

We're not pitching you to become data-driven without showing you the actual numbers. Well, here they are.

Startup platforms
Ecosystem players
Accelerators and Incubators
News and media
Early-stage investors
Research Institutes
Grants & Support programs

Use Cases

You can solve the following use cases with our API.

Monitor accelerators and incubators

An accelerator listed a new startup on their website? Get a heads-up straight to your inbox.

Automatically approach startups

Want to save the hassle of approach teams individually? Just generate leads and get a first call.

Find startups' competitors faster

When checking a lead, see similar startups the the same ecosystem or globally to make sure to not miss any competitor.

See what others are investing in

Stay up to date on what topics or startups your fellow investors are investing in.

Push Dealflow to your CRM automatically

Integrate your Magic Sauce with StartupRadar and push new startups directly into your CRM system.

Discover relevant ecosystem players

Keeping an ecosystem overview is very time consuming. Get new ecosystem players straight to your inbox or CRM.

Detect relaunches and pivots

Better re-evaluate deals after they pivot. Get notified for every lead or every portfolio company that pivots.

Get notified of press coverage

Your deal is getting press? You should know! Get a notification for every lead that gets mentioned in the press.

Five good reasons for StartupRadar

Based on our experience, we think that StartupRadar is the perfect tool for ambitious investors.

Not another platform: bring your own workflow

We offer a simple, well-documented REST-API you can use however you like.

  • No need to use some sophisticated SaaS tool.
  • No need to share your data with anyone.
  • Just integrate it into your current stack.

Building own scrapers is expensive and inefficient

The most successful funds are using technology to become data driven. But building sophisticated technology with 2% management fee is hard. We build scrapers and intelligence for you, so you can focus on making the best deals and supporting your portfolio.

Act and decide on data, don't search for it

Your associates can only screen typical sources every few weeks. Our scrapers check 850+ pages daily so it takes you only a few hours until you see a new lead.

Startup Platforms and Company Registers are too late

After three years of building an early-stage fund from scratch, one thing was obvious: when startups appear at company registers or startup platforms, it's already too late. At this point, you've lost your edge to get into a hot deal early.

Don't re-invent the wheel, leverage our expertise instead

We've been building crawlers and scrapers for the last ten years and technology for investors for more than five years. Don't waste time to duplicate that effort and use our data instead. Save the time, budget, and maintenance efforts.

Integrates with the tools investors love

With our flexible API, we can integrate with almost every solution on the market.

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Create and enrich deals automatically.
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Create and enrich leads automatically.
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Create and enrich deals/companies automatically.
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Create and enrich leads/deals automatically.
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Push rows to databases automatically.
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Create cards on boards automatically.
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Link dealroom companies with StartupRadar entries.
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Link Crunchbase companies with StartupRadar entries.
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Link Pitchbook companies with StartupRadar entries.
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Whatever you imagine, with Zapier, it can be built. Ranging from email to Google Sheets.
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Integrate our API into your no-code solution from bubble
and many more...